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Designed to keep workers safe and comfortable on-site 

Available to purchase now.  
We always have welfare vehicles in the pipeline which can be customised to suit your needs. 
Rental and leasing options are available. 

Cebotec specialise in the manufacture of Welfare Vehicles for a range clients, from Local Authorities to the Police and Rail Infrastructure Providers. 


Refined over many years, our design and construction of Welfare Vehicles incorporate the best in coachbuilding, with the most effective and reliable products, to keeping workers comfortable and efficient when on site.

Welfare van
Welfare Van

Seating Layout 

Welfare Van Interior

Cebotec's most popular builds are 6 and 7 seater welfare vehicles. 

Van microwave water boiler

Every Cebotec Welfare vehicle comes with a welfare pod containing a Microwave, Hot Water Drinks Tap, and Hot and Cold Hand Wash. 

Welfare Pods are configured to individual client needs. 

These pods include multiple sockets and USB ports. 

Controls for heating and air-conditioning are also housed here. 

We can discuss any ideas or additional features you wish to add. 

Van toilet

Cebotec Welfare vans come with a rear toilet and wash area. 

The toilet is enclosed with a partition, providing a private, lockable area for workers. 


Alternatively, the vehicle can be built without a toilet. This provides space for additional storage.  

Racking options are available.


Purchase options range from short-term rental to cash purchase. 

To find out more, discuss specifications or to enquire about funding and rental options, please fill in the enquiry form below.

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