Specialist Conversions 

Cebotec produce a wide range of vehicles for clients such as Police Scotland, NHS Scotland and businesses around the UK. 

At Cebotec, we have the skill knowledge and experience to build any type of Commercial vehicle.  Our in-house team of Coachbuilders, Auto-Electricians, and Technicians, can build the right vehicle on-site in Central Scotland. 


Our Purchase Terms and relationships with Manufacturers, tried and tested supply chain, and industry knowledge mean we can get the right vehicle to suit your business at the right price.

Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on and get an idea of the work that we could do for you!

Fire Engine

Rapid Intervention Vehicle 

This "Rapid Intervention Vehicle" was commissioned for INEOS, a global petrochemical manufacturer.

Working closely with the Fire Department, Cebotec designed a fire engine capable of responding to fire outbreaks at the INEOS plant. 

The vehicle needed to be agile and capable of accessing tight spaces, whilst delivering a payload able to quickly extinguishing the most aggressive blazes. 



  • Capable of dispensing 7000 litres-per-minute of pre-mixed foam or water.

  • 400 gallon foam storage tank

  • 150 litre water tank 

  • High pressure fogging unit 

  • 5 Tonne GVW

Van fire engine conversion
Van fire engine conversion
Van fire engine conversion

Police Scotland 

Cebotec work closely with Police Scotland producing a range of vehicles for their fleet.

Personnel Protective Carrier

These vehicles are designed to keep officers safe and comfortable for extended periods of time on duty.

Police Personnel Protective Carrier

Every process is completed on-site at Cebotec. From insulating and lining the vehicle, to cutting, welding and powder coating the rear cell. 

Our team of Auto electricians meticulously wire, programme and test the lights, to ensure the correct sequencing and illumination can be controlled through the steering wheel and universal controller. 


Police Protective Personnel Carrier

Electric Safety Camera Van 

Electric Police Camera Van
Electric Camera Van

We recently completed Scotland's first Electric Speed Camera Van. 

This vehicle was designed and built for the safety Camera Partnership, and will be used to keep roads safe across Scotland. 

This technology is transferable to other vehicles, providing a zero emission option when upgrading your fleet. 

 Highways England Motorway Monitoring Vehicle  

Highway Monitoring Vehicle AECOM

Cebotec worked with AECOM, a worldwide Consultancy business, and Highways England to produce a bespoke motroway monitoring vehicle.  

Based on MAN TGE LWB, the vehicle was modified to include a 30ft mast with monitoring/ sensor equipment, a mobile lab and research area, as well as welfare area and a toilet.


The vehicle is capable of monitoring “Lane Hogging,” Tailgating” and “Mobile Phone Misuse.”  The data received from the vans high tech laser monitoring/camera equipment will be fed to “Highways England” who in turn will advise the government on how best to carry out enforcement via England’s  Smart Motorway networks.   

Van interior mast
Traffic monitoring vehicle

Mountain Rescue Vehicles

In recent years we have designed and built several Mountain Rescue Vehicles for organisations such as Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue, Cairngorm Mountain Rescue, and many more.  These 4x4 vechiles have "go anywhere" ability, and  incorporate the latest technology to assist safe rescue and save lives.

Mountain Rescue Vehicle
Mountain Rescue Vehicle



For any enquiries, please contact us on 01324 877778, email sales@cebotec.co.uk. 

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